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Abraham Rattner

The Yellow Table

Abraham Rattner’s The Yellow Table is a pleasant scene of quiet domesticity. A young girl in a blue dress prepares to sit down to an indoor luncheon. The sharp downward angle of her ponytail pushes our gaze down to her elbow and over to her hands, which hold a gleaming knife and a piece of dark green fruit. Rattner then directs the viewer’s line of vision across the table bedecked with more fruit, a bottle of wine, an empty glass, and a coffee decanter. With a sweeping arc, the artist crosses a window and a barely distinguishable landscape to a vibrant bouquet of flowers.

The influence of the School of Paris is plain in The Yellow Table, particularly in the balance Rattner strikes between Fauvist hues and Cubist composition. By carefully alternating sapphire blue and a blinding white, he unifies the painting’s underlying circular structure with its prismatic palette to create an effortless rhythm. It may also demonstrate a self-reflective mood on the part of the artist. Its implications are quiet and understated. Yet, in this composition populated by fresh fruit and flowers, Rattner creates a sense of nostalgia for a simpler way of life.

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