Advancing American Art checklist for the Eastern Hemisphere

Forty-nine oils exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and in Paris, during UNESCO Month, before traveling to Prague to tour Eastern Europe.

Milton Avery, Fish Basket*
William Baziotes, Flower Head
Ben-Zion, Perpetual Destructor
Ben-Zion, The Strangled Tree
Louis Bouché, Gallery K
Byron Browne, Still Life in Red, Yellow, and Green
Paul Burlin, News from Home
George Constant, Rock Crabs
Ralston Crawford, Plane Production
Stuart Davis, Still Life with Flowers
Julio de Diego, Under Stiff Rearguard Action
Joseph De Martini, The Ravine
Arthur Dove, Another Arrangement
Werner Drewes, Balcony
Werner Drewes, Gaiety in Times of Distress
Philip Evergood, Fascist Leader
Adolph Gottlieb, The Couple

William Gropper, They Fought to the Last Man
O. Louis Guglielmi, Tenements
Philip Guston, Portrait of Shanah
Robert Gwathmey, Worksong
Marsden Hartley, Whale’s Jaw, Dogtown
Marsden Hartley, Roses*
Charles Howard, The Medusa
Morris Kantor, Afternoon
Frank Kleinholz, Bank Night
Walt Kuhn, Still Life with Red Bananas
Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Circus Girl Resting
Julian Levi, Wasteland Images, Martha’s Vineyard
Jack Levine, The White Horse
Loren MacIver, Blue Dunes
John Marin, Seascape
George L. K. Morris, New England Church
Georgia O’Keeffe, Small Hills Near Alcalde

Irene Rice Pereira, Abstraction
Gregorio Prestopino, Trolley Car*
Abraham Rattner, The Yellow Table
Anton Refregier, End of the Conference
Ben Shahn, Renascence
Charles Sheeler, Boneyard
Everett Spruce, Turkey
Everett Spruce, Canyon at Night
Nahum Tschacbasov, Choir Boys
Nahum Tschacbasov, Mother and Child
Franklin Watkins, Portrait of an Old Woman
Max Weber, Conversation
Max Weber, Two Vases
Karl Zerbe, Around the Lighthouse
Karl Zerbe, The Owls*