Contemporary American watercolors for exhibition in China and the Far East

Thirty-eight watercolors purchased for tour in Asia, but never circulated. Exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art along with the seventy-nine Advancing American Art oils, and sold in the War Assets Administration auction.

William Baziotes, The Room*
Gifford Beal, Carnival Fair
Romare Bearden, Mad Carousel
Ben-Zion, Thistles
Rainey Bennett, Evening Glow
Douglas Brown, Boston
Byron Browne, Woman with Bird
Charles Burchfield, In the Deep Woods
George Constant, Seated Figure
Ralston Crawford, USS Pensacola
Stuart Davis, Shapes of Landscape Space
Joseph de Martini, Monhegan Cliffs
Adolf Dehn, Bowery Follies
Lyonel Feininger, Late Afternoon
Adolph Gottlieb, Night Passage
William Gropper, Prey
George Grosz, Street Fight in Madrid*
John Heliker, Landscape
Edward Hopper, House at Provincetown
Mervin Jules, Wagnerian Opera
Dong Kingman, Piqua, Ohio

Karl Knaths, Clam Diggers
Benjamin Kopman, Three Clowns
Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Landscape*
Jacob Lawrence, Harlem
Edmund Lewandowski, Cemetery
Lewis Jean Liberté, Rock Forms and Boats
De Hirsh Margules, Color Mood
Herman Maril, In the Hills
Hans Moller, The Cow
Robert Motherwell, Figuration
Irene Rice Pereira, Composition
Gregorio Prestopino, Donkey Engine
Abraham Rattner, Birds Bathing
Boardman Robinson, Thomas Rhodes
Ben Shahn, The Clinic
Mitchell Siporin, Neapolitan Nights
Karl Zerbe, Columbus Avenue